About Aaron

SingleDadOver40 is blogged by myself, Aaron Turpen, an automotive journalist and single dad living in Wyoming, USA. The goal here is to help those who might be in similar situations, whether it be as single dads, new dads, or dads who’ve found themselves in a new relationship that involves children. It’s a “been there, done that, don’t necessarily know all the answers” kind of gig.

The kids and I jammin to Rob Zombie!

My current situation is not as complicated as some, but more complicated than a simple Facebook relationship status checkbox. I have two daughters, aged 8 and 9, from my now-defunct marriage. I gained full custody of the girls. The girls and I are now living with my girlfriend, who also has a son, aged 10. Integrating these families and becoming a full-time dad to a third child has changed things. Mostly for the better, thankfully.

Through this process of divorce, child custody hearings, dealing with my ex, and so forth, I’ve learned a few things. I’m hoping to pass that information on while simultaneously using SingleDadOver40 as a way to reflect and process what I’ve learned.

That sounds pretty serious. Doesn’t it? Well, to temper all of that weighty stuff, I’ll throw in some cooking recipes, car reviews, and memes (lots of dad jokes). Maybe help you narrow down your vehicle choices, find some cool places to take the kids, or easy ways to make healthy (and/or) good-tasting meals without a drive-thru. Fair enough?

You can find me on places like Facebook and Twitter if you’d like.