Winter Driving, Vacation Road Closures, and Other Good Times in Wyoming

During a recent road trip, the occasional perils of driving across Wyoming in the winter were highlighted for us. A good vehicle, some contingency planning, and a little situational awareness went a long way toward keeping everyone safe.

Our road trip took us across Interstate 80, which runs west-to-east across southern Wyoming from mile marker 1 near Evanston to marker 402 at the Nebraska border after Pine Bluffs. We were in Utah heading toward Cheyenne and met with weather all the way across. Two days of delays and a lot of ughs later, it was apparent that experience with this kind of thing really paid off.

When the weather cooperates, the drive across I-80 takes around six hours or so to make in a car and about eight hours in a semi-truck. I have done both, several times. This trip included the whole family. Five of us and our week-long getaways’ worth of stuff were packed into a right-sized 2019 Mazda CX-9 crossover. I knew enough to check with in the morning before leaving and to call 511 on the phone occasionally throughout the drive. The morning of our departure, there was some weather predicted, but nothing too heavy and roads were open. We headed out for breakfast and a last goodbye to family before hitting the road.

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