The Dogman Comic Books Review

Originally published at WyomingParent.

Dogman by Dav Pilke

These Dogman books are comic books that are fake, made by George and Harold. They’re really made by Dave Pikey. Dave Pikey is also the creator of Captain Underpants. Dogman is the main character and Petey is the bad guy.

When George and Harold met in kindergarten, they started making Dogman comic books and this was the first one. And then they created Captain Underpants. Dogman was created by keeping a cop’s body and sewing on the dog’s head to cop’s body.

In all Dogman books there is a how-to-draw Dogman and a how-to-draw Petey. They each have an expressive face, like, for example, Petey has evil, sad, angry, super angry, supa supa angry, surprised, and sleepy expressions. There are also really really dramatic parts in each of these Dogman books. In this book, you will get ready for action… suspense… romance… and laughs! There is also a Flip-o-Rama in these Dogman books.

Speaking of the characters in the back of the book, there are also other characters included in the book. For example, there is invisible Petey and Philly. There are 235 pages in this Dogman book.

The bad guy, Petey, makes inventions for Dogman to face and to defeat Petey. When Petey gets defeated, he gets put in cat jail. At the beginning of the book, there is a man behind the scenes. That’s so you know what’s going on before the story was made. Petey always loses because Dogman always outsmarts Petey.

In one part, Petey escapes out of cat jail, and he comes and finds out what makes Dogman so smart. He goes to Dogman’s house and sees him reading on top of his doghouse. He uses his Smart-o-Meter, which says he is getting smarter by the minute. So of course he makes an invention for Dogman to face.

What he does with his invention is to make all words from the books all over the world disappear. People start not caring about books and then they start getting dumb. What I think about this book is that I love comic books, and especially funny ones. This is one of the favorites. And in Dogman 2: Unleashed, at the back of the book, you can also read Izzy’s Dogman books to your dogs. If you have dogs.