Endless Quest into the Jungle

Originally published at WyomingParent.

Dungeons & Dragons: Into the Jungle: An Endless Quest, by Matt Forbeck

Hello, today I am talking about the book, Endless Quest into the Jungle. Here is my review. This is a choose-your-own-adventure book so you better like to be choosing your adventure. It is a lot about a jungle, so if you know a lot about jungles you’ll probably like this book. You end up in contact with zombies and other mythical creatures. It talks a lot about dinosaurs. There is something weird though. It seems like it’s the future but there are still dinosaurs! You will be a cleric as it says on the front cover.

It is not just a normal book, it is actually a special book where you get to choose your own adventure so you should probably not read it from front to back. If you see the end and you read about how you ended it, then you will probably end up either having a sad death or other happy ending. It goes all the way up to 112 pages, but you probably end up not reading all those pages. Although it looks like it’s a very skinny book.

You will end up meeting a lot of zombies, skeletons and tons of other mobs. You will also meet some people in there, some nice and some just super rude. You have to make very good choices, because if you make very bad choices you will have, you know, a very bad death. So you better make good choices. Some people you can trust and some are just very rude and try to kill you, so make sure you watch out for those people. If someone’s name is something like Killer Snake Dire Dude, you better not mess with them.

In this book there are many endings, so you better make all those endings good. You will have to use your own brain and use what the character is like to solve the problems and try not to get knocked off a cliff by a Giant Killer Snake dude. If you do end up having that happen, you can probably either restart the book or just go from one of your choices that you messed up on. If you do that, then it will make it very much easier so you can see different kinds of endings.

Well I hope you enjoyed this book review.