A Plug-in Car Charger for Devices Is a Good Idea

As a family, we do a lot of driving around. This means there are usually a lot of devices in whatever vehicle we’re all packed into. Phones, tablets, and so on are the norm. It’s rare that a vehicle will have enough plugs for everyone’s USB charging needs. Even when there are, most of them are not fast charging plugs and are probably only barely going to keep up with the device’s energy usage.

Enter the “car charging device.” I’ve had several of these and have found most to be useful, though not always practical. Many are just too big or are not any better than the built-in USB ports in the car already. This one, though, from AIBXDY is pretty great. It’s cheap (always good), shipped via Prime (also always good), and provides power at up to 3.6A for two devices. For most USB charging devices, that’s “fast charging.”

My phone, for example, charges in about 2-3 hours from near-zero when plugged into a fast charger or wall outlet. It charges at about that speed in the car with this AIBXDY too. So there ya go.

I’m a big fan of car charging options and like it when I find one that actually works well. These are easy to stack into the 12-volt plugs found in a vehicle, can be used by kids without problems (they don’t unplug from the 12V port easily), and they get the job done. Goodness all around.