Last Minute Camping To Finish Out the Season

As a family, we found ourselves looking at an available weekend with decent weather, a big sport utility to drive, and no plans. So we hopped onto the Wyoming State Parks website and looked to see if one of the three yurts at the Guernsey State Park was available, booked it, and loaded up to go.

Last minute camping is a fun thing for us. We do it fairly often, rarely planning our camping trips with more than a few days’ notice. This time, it was a quick overnighter with accommodations already set, so we didn’t need to pack up our tent or see about renting Coleman trailers for our outing.

Living in Cheyenne, Guernsey is about an hour and a half away, headed almost directly north. We piled into the big 2018 Ford Expedition and started driving. This big, comfortable SUV has seating for seven (as configured) and tons of room for stuff. Plus lots of USB plugs, a rear seat entertainment center (handy for the trip back) and a comfortable ride.

We packed into our yurt, got settled in, and started a campfire. Because it’s never too early for a campfire. They’re what set the mood for camping. Our yurt was also outfitted with a wood-burning stove inside for heat, so later in the day we started a fire in there too. After chasing out some wasps (end of the season, they’re ubiquitous in these parts).

Our overnight was a great trip and a lot of fun. Most of Wyoming’s state parks now offer rental yurts and lots of camp sites for both pull-in RVs and tents. Guernsey itself has a huge reservoir with lots of camping spaces all around the lake plus access to the Oregon Trail ruts and more. This was our second visit there this year and it was amazing.

There are lots of good reasons to go camping as a family. It gets the kids outdoors, it gets the adults into a “reset” mode for relaxation, and it is just good memory-making. All wins.