How to Stay Healthy When You Travel

When most people think about travel, they don’t think of it as something that’s necessarily a healthy thing to do, but the reality is, it may be the best prescription for better health, and it might even help you live longer too, according to the Global Coalition on Aging. The benefits of travel are almost immediate, with nearly 90 percent of those who travel reporting a more positive outlook on life.

While that’s all well and good, traveling also brings some risks to your health – and, who wants to end up ill or injured on vacation? It’s one of the most miserable things to experience, and not only all that money that’s going to waste. When you’re sick, being so far from your comfortable bed – that warm, cozy bed in your wonderful new home your realtor in Jacksonville, Florida (or anywhere else) just helped you score, can make you feel even worse than you already do.

So how can you stay healthy and enjoy your travels?

Increase the odds with these insider tips.

Keep Your Immune System Running at Its Peak

As you travel, especially when flying, germs are bound to be everywhere, so you want an immune system that’s going strong. Be sure to take a daily multi-vitamin (extra points for more vitamin C) for at least a couple of weeks before you go (if you don’t already), as well as during your trip. You also might want to consider herbal supplements like Counter Attack which many frequent travelers swear by. It includes multiple herbs that are known to naturally boost immunity, as well as zinc and vitamin C.

Don’t Skimp on Sleep

Your body needs quality sleep to function at its best and retain the ability to fight off illnesses. Get plenty of shut-eye before your trip and during it too. Physically traveling, going through various time zones, carrying all those bags, walking all day, recreational activities, and on and on, is all hard on your body. That means now is not the time to stay up all night partying. Get your Zzzs, and odds are, you’ll stay healthy.

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water in the plane, in the car, on the train, wherever you are. No, it’s not a Dr. Seuss book, it’s the reality – hydration is a must for health, and while you may not want to get up out of your seat while you’re flying, having to use the restroom more often is a good thing. Moving about frequently, instead of sitting for six, seven, eight hours or even longer without getting up can lead to a condition called deep-vein thrombosis, or blood clots, which can be deadly.

Limit the Alcohol

While it can be tempting to sip exotic drinks all day next to the pool, not only are those drinks loaded with calories, they disrupt sleep, can lead to a horrible hangover, and can even put you into a dangerous situation. While a drink or two is fine, just don’t overdo it, the key is moderation so that you stay in control of yourself (and your things), and avoid ruining an entire day of your trip battling a horrible hangover.

Think Clean

Some germs are just too tough for even a strong immune system to fight off, which is why no matter where you are, wash your hands frequently and bring hand sanitizer for the times you can’t. If that food shack you’re ordering from looks dirty or something just seems “off,” go elsewhere.

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