A Trip to Glenwood Springs, Colorado As We #FindNewRoads

Partially reprinted from TravelingDad.com.

Chevrolet invited us to road trip to Glenwood Springs, Colorado and find adventure as part of its Find New Roads campaign. Our trip included a visit with Chevy representatives to see the family-oriented features of the Chevy crossovers, a scenic drive into the Rocky Mountains, a day at a mountain top adventure park, a dip in some natural mineral hot springs, and a scenic drive home through Northern Colorado and into Wyoming.


Our drive for this getaway was a 2018 Chevrolet Traverse in its (theme-appropriate) High Country trim. The Traverse has three rows of seating, lots of cargo space, and a comfortable ride. Perfect for a road trip like this. We packed our three kids into the crossover, piled in our stuff for the three-day weekend trip, and headed toward Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

The drive from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Aurora, Colorado on the outskirts of Denver is a familiar one to our family. Many an adventure has begun with a drive southwards to the Mile High City. In the city of Aurora, which houses a major Air Force base and access to the Denver International Airport, lies an old aircraft research and development center that’s now been remodeled into a large shopping center. The Stanley Marketplace includes shopping, dining, and more and for this Friday afternoon, it housed the Chevrolet #FindNewRoads congregation point for our trip.


Chevrolet representatives were on hand to check our child safety seats, measure the children for proper seat belt fit, and show us what’s new with the Traverse, Equinox, and Trax crossovers. The kids were not terribly thrilled when we arrived, assuming this was “just more of dad’s work,” but quickly got excited when Chevy communications rep Maureen Bender had them spilling soda onto interior upholstery materials.

Working the sheets like kids in a science lab, our three young  ‘uns happily poured, manipulated, and marveled at the way the new interior materials from GM repelled the liquid without staining. For kids in the 7-9 age range, being allowed to make a mess at an adult’s behest is pretty cool stuff.

Then came the virtual reality simulation inside a Chevrolet Equinox, where VR goggles and headphones transported us to the General Motors’ proving grounds. A bevy of Chevrolet vehicles were used to take us through floods, over rocks, and onto a race track. The kids busied themselves trying to “unlock” features in the demonstration and replaying cool 360-degree tours of vehicles.

The kids then tried their hands at car designing with Play-Doh, putting groceries into the back of a Traverse, and more before we grabbed some lunch from a taco truck. On the way out the door to get back into our Traverse, we noted an important display highlighting why Chevrolet includes “Back Seat Reminder” tech in its family vehicles. The temperature outside at the Stanley Market was about 96 degrees (F). The temperature inside a Chevrolet Trax with the doors and windows closed in that parking lot? 164. A sobering reminder of child and pet safety.


Back on the road, we headed towards Glenwood Springs via Interstate 70. Here, a cool feature in Chevy’s new infotainment was highlighted. We wanted coffee and the kids needed juice for the road. Using the Marketplace app in the IntelliLink infotainment, we located a nearby Dunkin Donuts, placed an order on the go (selecting from preloaded favorites) and stopped to pick it up. The app pays for the transaction via a preloaded, secured card, and pickup is just a matter of pulling up to the drive-through or going inside to ask for it. Our coffees and juices were ready to go when we arrived.

The same app allows purchase of gasoline from Shell stations (others coming soon) and more. All without fear of a card being stolen or copied. Nice touch. There’s even access to audiobooks, provided the vehicle’s 4G connection is good.

The ride up the canyons through the Eisenhower tunnels and over the Rocky Mountains was beautiful, but crowded. Friday afternoon traffic out of Denver is never great and road construction, congestion, and even a wildfire in the median meant several delays in getting to Glenwood Springs. We arrived in time for dinner, though, and with daylight still left, so all was good. Parking at our hotel, we ate there and then took a short walk through a shopping center next door.

We then settled into our rooms for the night, anticipating a big day ahead.


High up above and to the East of Glenwood Springs is the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. It sits a couple of thousand feet above Glenwood Springs on top of Iron Mountain and looks out over the narrow river valley the Colorado town occupies. There are three basic ways to get to the adventure park.

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