Make-a-House $10 Rainy Day Project

My kids and I often troll the closeout and bargain sections of the local craft stores and Walmarts. Many times, goodies and interesting things can be found to be used as projects and for fun. While shopping one day, I stumbled on a couple of these “no tools required” wood projects that require only paint to complete. This one was on sale for $6, but is regularly priced at $10 and is available at many hobby stores.

The house comes in three wood pieces that have cutouts of the house parts in them. Every piece slots into another to complete the structure, so pieces can be painted before being installed. For a more permanent setup, the pieces can be glued or caulked together instead. We made a few modifications such as cutting out one of the doors so that the girls could use these as a “Shopkins House.”

The kit itself comes with everything but paint. Any kind of paint will do. Our craft room has a large supply of acrylic craft paints, which worked well here. The beauty of these is that other than the “put it all together” bit, the kids can do the rest on their own. I told them what each part was for and they chose paint colors and went to work. Once complete, they can play with it as-is or take it apart and put it together as they wish. Which they’ve done several times.

We have similar items that make barns, cars, and lots of other things. A great way to keep busybodies busy on rainy or cold days!