It’s The Little Things

I have two little daughters. They were born in the same year, 11 months apart. Yep, Irish twins. One thing about kids their age (6, 7) is that they love making art. Which is great since one of the easiest things not to screw up is art. Once you get past the idea that you have to be “good at it.”

It’s a little thing, but displaying your kids’ artwork shows them that you value them and their work. Plus, on the practical side, it’s valuable home decor. If you’re anything like me, you have zero capability when it comes to interior design.


What I do is keep an eye out for picture frames, picture frame kits, or anything that might look like it could become a picture frame. Of any size. When we hit thrift stores, when I peruse garage sales, or when I look at the mountain of stuff people pile up for town garbage day.. I want picture frames.

You can never have too many and they’re infinitely stashable for when they’re needed. Recently, I used extra frames to put my girls’ artwork up next to their school photos on the wall. The kids think it’s awesome, it looks good, and you can swap out the art anytime with whatever is new and fresh.